The Importance of an Insulated Garage Door, Part 2

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The Importance of an Insulated Garage Door, Part 2

Lots of activities occur in your garage. You fix up your cars, carve toy soldiers, work on your motorcycle, work out, play, store items in there, and even live in your garage. It’s a very usable space that’s just nice to have. However, you can make your garage even more homey and usable when you add in garage door insulation from DFW Home Installation in McKinney.

DFW Home Installation works diligently to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them with the best insulation services around. Not only do we offer garage door insulation services, but we also offer insulation removal and haul-off services, as well as attic insulation and attic ventilation services. Our local insulation company works hard to ensure your insulation is done right. Below, we’ll continue our look at the importance of an insulated garage door. Contact us today for an estimate!


Cuts Down on Excess Moisture

Humidity is definitely not anyone’s best friend. The problem with humidity (besides the fact it makes you feel muggy anytime you step outside) is that it is essentially moisture that hangs in the air. Well, this moisture can get on and into everything. This is a problem because it can promote mold growth, as well as ruin paper items, such as photos and books. When you invest in garage door insulation, you will help to prevent mold growth, which means you can store these items in your garage if need be.

Protects Your Tools

Many people use their garage as a workshop or auto repair shop. Thus, they have a lot of mechanical tools stored inside. If your garage becomes too cold, damage can be done to your power tools, from cracking to breaking. If water is left inside any of your tools, such as a pressure washer, this can crack and freeze, breaking your equipment. Gels can freeze up, too, such as in your lawn mower, destroying expensive pieces of equipment. Plus, if you’ve ever picked up a cold piece of metal, you know that it’s not exactly a pleasant feeling. A professional garage door insulation service by DFW Home Installation in the greater DFW region can help to ensure your expensive tools are protected.

Prevents Dead Batteries

Most of us use our cars daily, from running the kids to school and activities to commuting to and from our jobs. Thus, when you wake up one morning and go to start the car and it won’t work, your day could be ruined. It causes everyone to be late and puts everyone in a bad mood. Car batteries are reliable when their temperature is between 30 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above or below that could make your battery not start. Investing in an insulated garage door can ensure that the temperature in your garage never gets that cold or that hot.

Imagine the Possibilities

Many people never think to upgrade their garage space when looking for home improvement opportunities. However, in the long run, this can be one of the most affordable ways to add value to your home and increase its function. If you are looking to sell your home, improving the garage with some simple garage door insulation can go a long way in potential homeowner’s minds.

Selling aside, if you need more space because your family is growing and buying a new home is not a viable option right now, considering adding in some garage door insulation. You could easily turn your garage into a mother-in-law suite or into a bedroom for your teenager. Truly, you are creating an extra room, even if it’s just adding comfort for your car. The possibilities are endless with an insulated garage door.


Your garage is basically another room in your home. Similar to an unfinished basement, your garage can be whatever you want it to be. You can use it for storage, for working on vehicles, for parking your vehicles, as your own personal workout space, or even for living in. The sky’s the limit when it comes to garages.

DFW Home Insulation offers insulated garage door services in order to help you make your garage that perfect space you’ve been longing for. In addition, we can help you with attic insulation and ventilation, ceiling ventilation, and all of your ventilation needs. Our local insulation company proudly serves the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

We invite you to view our work page on our website and see for yourself all of the great insulation services we’ve been offering our customers. We offer all different types of insulation, including batts, fiberglass, cellulose, blown-in insulation, and radiant barriers. When you partner with us, we will ensure you are getting the best type of insulation for your needs. Call us today for an estimate!

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