The Importance of an Insulated Garage Door, Part 1

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The Importance of an Insulated Garage Door, Part 1

We’ve been discussing the benefits of having an insulated garage in your home. You have turned what was now just a storage space or a parking space into a usable room for your home, from a home office to a personal gym or playroom for the kids. Now, we’re going to focus on the garage door in particular. Even if you’re not planning on turning your garage into usable space any time soon, having an insulated garage door can offer many benefits.

DFW Home Insulation is the best local insulation company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We offer both residential and commercial insulation services, from attic and ceiling insulation to fiberglass and blown-in insulation. Below, we’ll take a look at the importance of having insulated garage doors. Contact us for an estimate today!


Energy Savings

Your garage door that is uninsulated is little more than the component material that is separating your garage from the outside world. This can be anything from a thin piece of aluminum to wood. While some garage door materials are arguably better than others, what truly matters is if insulation has been added.

Insulation adds an important layer between your door and the outside. It will keep out the bitter cold during the winter and insulate your cool garage air in the summer. This translates into your home since the temperature of your garage has effects on the adjacent rooms. When you have an insulated garage door, the heat loss from the door to your garage is cut drastically, and the heat loss to adjoining rooms can be curtailed as well. This means your HVAC can work less, saving you on energy costs that can add up to either the hundreds or thousands of dollars over the year.

Increased Your Garage Door’s Strength

If you think about your current garage door, odds are, it’s not very strong. If someone wanted to break into your home, breaking into the garage may be even easier than the windows. If you’ve ever backed up into your garage door or pulled up too far in the driveway (most of us, at some point, have), then you know how easy it is to get banged up with dings and scratches. If you or your kids have ever hit the garage door with a basketball, frisbee, baseball, or even just accidentally with your elbow when your arms are full of groceries, you’ll know how easy it is to put a dent into it.

When you invest in garage door insulation with DFW Home Insulation in McKinney, your garage door will immediately almost double in strength. The garage door insulation will provide an instant shock absorber, so it will better withstand the accidental ball that hits it without denting. Your garage door will stand up better to wear and tear, thus increasing its longevity.

Quieter Operation

How many of us cringe when our garage door opens and closes? This could be because your bearings need to be lubricated, or it could just be the nature of your garage door. Either way, by investing in garage door insulation, your garage door will instantly be quieter, even if you do add in lubricant, because the insulation will absorb the noise and put an end to much of the rattling that is inherent with its motion. This could be a lifesaver if your baby’s nursery is above your garage, your mother-in-law suite, or even your own bedroom!


DFW Home Insulation offers the best in residential and commercial insulation needs. Our insulation company can not only help with your garage door insulation, but we can insulate your entire home or office, from the attic to the basement. Our local insulation company has experience helping you to make your home or office comfortable with insulation. From keeping it cool in the summer to warm in the winter, insulation will end up paying for itself in the amount of money you pay in utility bills alone, let alone the value you will get from having another space added to your lifestyle. Many people use their garage as extra living quarters to rent out to others, further reaping the rewards of having an insulated garage door.

If you have any questions with regards to different insulation types for your garage door, give us a call. Our insulation team can advise you on your particular situation. We also offer estimates and can tell you when we can get you scheduled. We’ll come to your home or office and can then give you an exact price to do the work. If you live in or around the North Dallas/Fort Worth area, give DFW Home Insulation a call today, and begin to enjoy your garage like you never have enjoyed it before!

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