Signs You Need Attic Insulation Replacement, Part 2

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Signs You Need Attic Insulation Replacement, Part 2

Your attic is the story that is immediately below your roof. The word comes to us from the Attica region of Greece and was originally used to refer to the decorative facade of a building. While attics can be used as bedrooms, offices, TV rooms, play rooms, and the like, most modern attics are smaller spaces designed to be storage places. As such, attics can be forgotten — that is, until something goes wrong.

DFW Home Insulation is the best local insulation company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We offer a myriad of insulation services that are sure to have your needs covered, from attic insulation and attic removal to blanket insulation, including batts and rolls to garage door insulation. We work diligently to offer you top-notch services and exceed your expectations every time. Below, we’ll offer up more signs that your attic insulation needs to be replaced. Contact us today to schedule an attic insulation inspection!


Your Insulation Looks Worn

Most of us know what worn out looks like, such as your favorite t-shirt with holes in it or your car’s tires that have no tread. Insulation wears out as well, so the next time you are up in your attic, you should look for mold, water spots, holes, signs of critters, dirt, and grime. If you think your attic insulation is looking a little worn, a local insulation company such as DFW Home Insulation can tell you for sure. We offer attic inspection services to help.

As most people know, asbestos was a material used for insulation that was found to cause cancer. Thus, if you suspect that you have asbestos in your attic that was used for insulation, call us right away for an attic insulation removal. You can tell because it will appear grainy and have shiny pieces in it. Most asbestos has been removed; however, older homes, especially those built before 1990, may still have it.

Critter Evidence

If you hear skittering noises above you at night, chances are you have critters in your attic. Many critters, such as squirrels, opossums, mice, rats, and raccoons, love to call attics their home. It’s the perfect living environment. It’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s high up, which protects them from predators. Insulation material itself makes a great bedding or nest and a great place to raise young. Bats, too, love to roost in attics.

Oftentimes, you will either hear these critters moving around in the dead of night, or you will see signs of them on the exterior of their home. After all, they have to get in somehow. The most obvious sign will be excrement on your home’s walls or at an entryway. If you suspect you have a critter infestation, call us today. While you’ll need to call an animal control company to get rid of the critters first, we’ll be there to help clean up afterwards.

Most likely, if you’ve had critters, you’ll need an attic removal and replacement service by DFW Home Insulation. This is because critters leave behind their droppings, which can saturate your insulation. Also, critters carry other bugs and possibly diseases as well. We always recommend an attic insulation replacement when critters are discovered in homes.

Wet Insulation

If your attic does spring a leak and your insulation becomes wet, you will need an attic removal and replacement service. Insulation, once wet, cannot be salvaged. However, it’s important to determine the source of the water before you reinstall insulation in order to prevent your new attic insulation from being ruined as well. This is where a quick call to your local insulation company can pay dividends down the road. There are many possible places that water can be coming into your home, such as from blocked vents, a hole in your roof, or even an improperly vented roof that is allowing mildew in from the humidity. Our expert team is trained on how to spot the problem so you can get it fixed by a roofer if need be.

If your insulation is wet, odds are, you’ve probably noticed other signs of attic insulation replacement as well, such as an increase in electric bills, because insulation, once wet, is rendered ineffective. Insulation works because there are tiny air pockets in its material. When these are closed by water, they are useless.

Furthermore, it’s very important to remove wet insulation as soon as possible because wet insulation can not only grow mold, but it can also release toxic chemicals called mycotoxins that can cause disease and even death in humans. Since it is estimated that about 40% of the oxygen you breathe in indoor spaces, including your home, either comes from or passes through the attic, it’s super critical that you have it inspected to ensure there is no mold. Mold has a very distinctive smell, so if you notice an odd smell in your home, you may want to have your attic inspected as well.


Insulation is critical for your home and/or office’s heating and cooling system. It helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It will lower electric bills. It is environmentally-friendly, helping to reduce your carbon footprint on the world.

DFW Home Insulation serves the Dallas/Fort Worth area with attic insulation replacement services. Our expert technicians work expeditiously to remove and/or install insulation in new construction homes, existing homes, and for commercial buildings. We understand the importance of insulation to your home, which is why we work to ensure you are comfortable and safe.

If you suspect your insulation is old, or it’s been a while since you last had an attic insulation inspection performed, give our insulation company a call. We also offer a variety of other insulation services, such as attic ventilation, garage insulation, ceiling insulation, and other home or business insulation needs.

Furthermore, if you are confused on which type of insulation is best for your home or office, we can help. We can assess your needs and make a recommendation. We offer the best insulation materials on the market, including insulation batts made from fiberglass, blown-in insulation of cellulose, and radiant barriers. Our family-owned and operated small insulation company promises to keep the chill at bay in the winter and the heat tolerable in the summer with our insulation products. When you partner with DFW Home Insulation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you’ve partnered with the best. Call today!

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