Signs You Need Attic Insulation Replacement, Part 1

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Signs You Need Attic Insulation Replacement, Part 1

Attics can be incredibly fun places to explore, especially if you have kids. They can have cool items in them, such as trunks full of old clothes that kids can dress up in. They can hold memorabilia, such as old baseball card collections and black-and-white photos. Plus, there’s perhaps no better place to play hide-and-seek than in an attic.

That being said, you yourself perhaps hardly go up there. Thus, you truly have no idea the state of your attic insulation. DFW Home Insulation serves North Texas with the best attic insulation and attic removal services. In addition, we offer attic ventilation services, attic prep work, attic ladder replacement, garage door insulation, ceiling insulation, and more.

As we’ve seen, the benefits of attic insulation are numerous, from keeping your home at a comfortable temperature to saving you money on utility costs. However, there will probably come a point when your attic insulation will need to be replaced. Below, we’ll review the signs that you will need new attic insulation. Contact us today for an attic insulation inspection!


Increase in Utility Bills

If you’ve noticed a steady increase in your heating and/or air conditioning bill and you can’t find any other reason, it could be due to your attic insulation. Many people do not realize the importance of insulation, and your attic insulation in particular. Your attic insulation keeps the majority of the heat that rises in the winter from escaping, and it keeps the cool air in the home during the summer. Because your roof and your attic cover your entire home, which is a huge surface area, it plays a big role in helping to keep your heating and cooling costs under control. Experts estimate that proper attic insulation can cut your energy bill by between nine to 14 percent.

DFW Home Insulation in McKinney notes that while your insulation can last anywhere from between 80 and 100 years, it does wear out. When it starts to wear out, holes and pockets form, which is where the heat is lost.

You Have an Ice Dam And/Or Icicles on Your Roof

Many people love icicles coming off their roofs in the winter. While there is no denying that icicles are indeed beautiful, they are a sign that you have an insulation and/or ventilation problem with your roof.

An ice dam is caused by uneven temperatures in your attic, which is usually an attic insulation problem. What can happen is that the temperatures are warmer near the center of your home and the peak of your home. However, as you near the eaves of your home, the temperature can get colder. Meanwhile, the warm inner temperatures melt whatever snow falls on the center part of your roof. This water, propelled by gravity, begins to flow down. However, this water can get stuck by a dam of ice. This dam of ice is caused when no snow has melted at the end of your roof because your roof’s temperature is cold. Thus, water pools, which then can cause a water leak into your roof. Water leaks then cause further damage by making its way through your roof, into the attic, and then into your ceilings and possibly your floors.

Indications of ice dams are icicles that hang from your roof. Icicles by themselves can also be dangerous because they can get really long and then pull on your home’s gutters, ripping them off and causing roof damage in and of themselves.

Uneven Room Temperatures

While it can be common, natural even, to have a difference in temperatures as you move from level to level, if this is noticeable, especially from room to room, it could be an indication of an attic insulation replacement. You’ll notice this when during the summer, your upper floors are relatively cool until you encounter one room where the temperature is noticeably hotter than the rest of the upper floor rooms. The same can be said for the winter months as well, just colder.

Unexplained Drafts

Drafts are when you feel a whisk of air in your hair or on your face that comes from seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes you feel them, but you may also notice them, such as if a door always seems to be shut even though you just opened it. DFW Home Insulation notes that drafts only enter homes through openings, which if your attic insulation is in need of replacement, drafts could be coming from your attic. This would require a call to your local insulation company in order to schedule an inspection as soon as possible.


Insulation is critical to the proper functioning of your home, just as much as your roof and your four walls. Before insulation, homes were drafty and cold, and a fire had to be going constantly. Now, we are lucky enough to have a modern HVAC system that doesn’t have to run constantly to keep us warm and cool, thanks, in part, to modern insulation.

DFW Home Insulation offers the best insulation services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We offer attic insulation and attic ventilation, attic prep work, attic ladder replacement, ceiling insulation, garage door insulation, fiberglass insulation, and so much more. Our local insulation company is adept at helping you with whatever your needs may be. When you call us, we’ll come to your home and do a thorough inspection. Then, we’ll make our recommendations from what we find. Often, your insulation is great, and needs no work. However, we do find our fair share of old and/or damaged insulation that does need to be replaced.

Our craftsmanship is superb, and our customer service is the best. With years of experience, we can help your home or office feel more comfortable, reduce your carbon footprint, and ensure your air quality is top-notch. Call our insulation company today for an inspection!

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