Dallas Attic Insulation Removal

Attic Insulation Removal Dallas

The process of removing insulation from your Dallas home or office.

You have recently discovered that the old insulation, in the attic of your Dallas home or office, is no longer doing an adequate job.  The old insulation is retaining moisture and settling to one side. Now it’s time to get rid of it and put some new modern insulation in its place.  Where do you start?

DFW Home Insulation has removed traditional insulation in homes across Dallas. First off, we do not recommend removing insulation yourself.  It is a dirty, itchy job and requires more than one experienced person to make sure it is completely and thoroughly removed.  Traditional attic insulation is made up of very fine glass fibers.  These fibers can quickly embed in your skin and attach to the hair on your arms, eyebrows, and eyelashes, resulting in an uncontrollable itch.  Correct gear must be worn long sleeves, goggles, and paper masks.

One of the questions we often receive is, why would I want to remove and replace my attic insulation?  There are several reasons, including:

  • Rodents and insects’ nests
  • Loose-fill and batt fiberglass, rockwool or vermiculate insulation can create dusty conditions that are related to respiratory and health concerns.
  • As aged fiberglass insulation settles, it loses R-value and effectiveness at protecting your home.
  • As temperatures drop (winter), the R-value of fiberglass insulation falls in conjunction
  • Completely removing your existing insulation is the only way we can thoroughly seal your ceilings.
  • When you install spray foam to your attic, the old insulation needs to be removed.

How the DFW Home Insulation removal of insulation process works.  When we arrive at your Dallas home or office, we lay canvas runners to protect your floors. We will have a team working together to complete the job with little interruption to your day.  Attic material is rolled and placed in large bags and tied shut. Bags are removed from your property and disposed of in the landfill.  Loose insulation is slightly different.  Loose insulation requires the use of gas-powered vacuums with large hoses and vacuuming the insulation into large cloth bags. The large vacuums and bags are in our insulation vehicle. We remove the insulation and dispose of properly.

Our insulation specialists remove old, damaged insulation and properly install new insulation ensuring maximum energy efficiency and year-round comfort.  DFW Home Insulation specializes in attic insulation and we have the experience and the reputation to back up our high-quality service. We are Dallas’ leader in installing blown-in fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam and rigid foam insulation for residential and commercial.

More Dallas Attic Insulation Removal Questions?

Rising energy bills?  Maybe it’s your attic insulation?  Schedule an estimate with DFW Home Insulation at (214)775-0905.  By allowing DFW Home Insulation to inspect your attic insulation, we can diagnose your home’s deficiencies and devise a plan to improve comfort. Contact us to schedule your free quote for attic insulation removal from your Dallas home or office (214)775-0905.

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