Benefits of Garage Insulation, Part 2

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Benefits of Garage Insulation, Part 2

If you’ve outgrown your home and need more space, many people immediately think they need to sell their home and buy a bigger home. However, there is probably space in your current home that is being underutilized. One of these spaces could be your garage.

Garages are great spaces to turn into another room for your use. Many people use their garages as a home gym, a home office, or even a place for the kids to play. However, in order to do that, you need your garage to be comfortable and not overly hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. In order to solve that problem, you need to add in garage insulation.

DFW Home Insulation offers garage insulation services, as well as many other insulation services, in McKinney as well as the rest of North Texas. Our mission is to help you be comfortable in your home or office, as well as stay energy efficient and save on utility bills. Below, we’ll continue our look at the benefits of garage insulation. Contact us today for an estimate!


Can Help Form a Layer Against Carbon Monoxide

Every year, people die in homes because they accidentally left their car running in the garage, or since the advent of remote start, their car accidentally started. While garage insulation won’t completely stop the carbon monoxide from seeping into your home, it will form another protective barrier that will absorb some of it and help to keep you safer until you do realize the problem.

Lowers Your Utility Bills

Your uninsulated garage will radiate the excess heat and cold during the summer and winter into your home, causing your home’s HVAC system to work harder. When your HVAC system works harder, your utility bill goes up. DFW Home Insulation notes that while it’s hard to put a number on how much you’ll actually save since everyone’s garage and home are different, suffice it to say it’s probably enough to pay for a great-tasting latte at your favorite coffee shop every now and then.

Increases Your Home’s Value

Many people love insulated garages for all of the many benefits listed above. Plus, when homebuyers are looking at homes, they are looking at everything about the home and not just the aesthetics, including the home heating bills. An insulated garage means more money in their pockets to do other, more important things like have coffee with a friend or play another round of golf.

Increases the Overall Comfort of Your Garage

If you’re a traditionalist and you intend to park your car in the garage and not use it for other purposes, you may be thinking that having an insulated garage is something you can live without; however, DFW Home Insulation in McKinney asks you to consider this situation: It’s cold outside and snowing, and you’re headed to work. You can’t preheat your car due to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. You are, however, exceedingly glad you don’t have to clean the snow off your car before heading off to work. You exit your home into the garage and are greeted by a bone-chilling blast of cold air. You pop the garage, get in your car, and start it up. Your car’s steering wheel and every component of your car is freezing. Your breath is forming its own cloud. You are miserably cold.

In order to avoid the above scenario, garage insulation is the answer. Garage insulation will automatically keep your garage warmer during the winter. Thus, when you open the door to exit your nice warm home, the chill greeting you will be tempered and not bone-cold. Your car won’t be as cold so it will take less time to heat up. The overall experience of leaving your home will be much greater with an insulated garage.

A Better-Performing Vehicle

Your car was not designed to endure long periods of extreme heat or extreme cold. As they become more technologically heavy, the computers inside your car can be affected by these extreme temperature fluctuations.

For example, if your garage is freezing cold, your vehicle probably won’t be all that happy. The cold puts pressure on the battery and affects your tire’s air pressure. Windshield wipers can become brittle, and all of the fluids in your car can thicken and not work effectively. This includes your car’s motor oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid. Cars are now high-tech precise machines that should be insulated against temperature extremes. An insulated garage from DFW Home Insulation can prevent a lot of these hazards from forming.


While you can probably DIY your garage insulation, it’s probably not the best choice if you’ve never done so. Insulation can be tricky to install, and if you want to ensure the best value for your money and that there are no leaks, you’ll need a professional insulation company to do the job right.

DFW Home Insulation offers the best insulation services in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our insulation installation and removal company offers a variety of insulation services to meet your needs, including attic insulation and ventilation, ceiling insulation, blown-in attic insulation, radiant barriers, and so much more. Odds are, if you need anything insulated, we can help. Our experienced team can answer any questions you may have about different types of insulation, and get you scheduled for service. Call us today!

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