Benefits of Garage Insulation, Part 1

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Benefits of Garage Insulation, Part 1

Many of us do not use our garage to park our vehicles in. In fact, we use it for a home gym, a workshop, a storage facility, a home office, a kids’ playroom, a dog kennel, a rehearsal area, and more. Thus, having an insulated garage would be very beneficial.

DFW Home Insulation offers garage door insulation throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With very hot summers and cold winters, an insulated garage can make all the difference in comfort level for your use. Below, we’ll share some of the many benefits of garage insulation. Contact us today for an estimate!


Year-Round Use

When temperatures drop, it can get pretty cold in your garage, making you not want to use it at all. That DIY woodworking project you’ve been working on might have to wait if you are facing below freezing temperatures in your garage. While a space heater can help, you are spending a lot of money to heat a tiny space since most of that energy is automatically seeping through the walls and out of all your garage cracks. With an insulated garage, it will stay comfortable and usable all year-round.

Keeps Your Home Warmer

If your garage is not insulated, the cold and the heat just builds in it. Thus, when you open the door to the garage to grab some meat out of your freezer, all of that cold or heat rushes into your home, sending your heater or air conditioner into overdrive. With an insulated garage, you’ll not only save on your home heating and air conditioning bill, but you’ll also save yourself from being blasted with that uncomfortable air every time you go into the garage.

Can Affect Your Home’s Comfort

If your garage is attached to your home and you have rooms above it, these rooms could be affected by no insulation. Due to heat transfer, those rooms could be colder or hotter than the other rooms in your home, and there will be little you can do about it without blasting your home’s furnace or air conditioning. DFW Home Insulation also advises that you be careful if you have pipes that run through the garage. Have a home inspection performed by a professional insulation company to ensure these pipes are insulated so that they don’t burst from the cold.

Helps With Noise Reduction

Insulation by nature is an absorbent due to the materials it’s made from, helping to absorb sound. Thus, this is a great place to allow your teenager’s rock band to practice without disturbing you or the neighbors or to use loud power tools for the same reasons. In addition, insulation not only keeps noise in, but it keeps noise out. From loud lawn mowers in the summer to your children playing upstairs, you can still get work done in your garage without disturbance, especially if your home office is in there.

Protects Valuables in the Garage

Many people use their garage for storage purposes. When you have an insulated garage, DFW Home Insulation notes that your valuables will be better protected. You’ll avoid large temperature fluctuations, and the humidity will be kept down since the insulation will help to absorb the moisture in the air. This is definitely helpful if you are storing collector items in your garage as well.


DFW Home Insulation offers the best garage insulation services in McKinney and all of North Texas. Our installation company believes the benefits of having an insulated garage speak for themselves. By turning your garage into usable space, you can add a large room to your home for other purposes that can make your life easier. From having the home gym of your dreams to having a space for the kids to make noise away from the house, your garage could be a boon.

In addition, DFW Home Insulation offers an array of insulation services. We offer attic insulation, attic insulation removal, ceiling insulation garage door insulation, and insulation using all manners of insulation materials, from fiberglass to batts and rolls. Our insulation company takes pride in making homeowners and businesses comfortable through insulation services. Call DFW Home Insulation today for an estimate!

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