Benefits of Attic Insulation, Part 1

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Benefits of Attic Insulation, Part 1

Most of us rarely go up into our attics, especially if it’s just a tiny space. However, attics hold magic for some of us who may have grown up living in an attic, seen great movies with attics, or have great memories of playing in attics as a child. They are great spaces that people use for various things, such as for storage, as an extra living quarter, or simply leave empty.

DFW Home Insulation offers attic insulation services, as well as attic ventilation. In addition, we can insulate your home, your garage, your barn, or any building you may have. Insulation has many benefits, from saving you money on energy costs to creating a comfortable space for your use, such as for a home office, a gym, or a play area. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of attic insulation. If you are in need of attic insulation or removal services in the North Texas area, contact us today for an estimate!


Saves You Money

For most of us, any time anyone says that something will save you money, our ears perk up. That’s because the more money saved on things like utility bills equals more money in your pocket to spend on things you want to spend your money on, such as vacations and coffee with friends.

However, although we got your attention, the reason we mentioned that you will save more money with attic insulation is because it’s the biggest benefit of attic insulation. For the average American home, heating and cooling costs usually account for between 50 and 70 percent of the energy used. Thus, if your home is underinsulated, or lacking insulation completely such as in your attic, that number can increase fairly substantially. You’ll be spending more money to heat or cool your home. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that with proper insulation of attics, floors, and crawl spaces, you could save on average 11 percent on your utility bills.

Of course, how much you save will vary, depending on the amount of existing insulation, the age of your home, your heating and cooling systems, preventative measures (such as shutting your garage door when it’s cold out), and the like. DFW Home Insulation estimates though that the savings can be in the hundreds of dollars every year — making for a nice weekend away vacation.

Offers You More Comfort

Another added benefit of attic insulation is that it helps to keep your home an even temperature throughout your home. Many of us have experienced a substantial difference in the air temperature as you climb from the basement to the main level and then up to the second floor. Sometimes, in the summer, your second floor can seem like an oven, while your main floor feels just right. In addition to being uncomfortable due to this temperature variation, your home heating and cooling will probably be working extra hard in an attempt to cool the upper level or heat the lower level in the winter months.

In fact, if you’ve noticed a temperature difference between floors in your home or office of between 10 and 15 degrees, then you need to call DFW Home Insulation in McKinney right away. This is often a sign that your home is under insulated and could use some more.

Furthermore, in an effort to keep your heating and cooling bills down, you may be electing to be colder in the winter than you’d like to be and hotter in the summer as well. By adding insulation, you will have that extra padding to not only help to maintain your home’s temperature but to allow you to alter your heating and cooling by a couple degrees for optimal comfort levels.

Saves Wear and Tear on Your HVAC System

Like all things human-made, your HVAC system has a shelf life before it will need to be replaced, which varies by use and type. However, you can increase the longevity of your HVAC system by using it less for its intended purpose — to heat and cool your home. For instance, if your HVAC system is running constantly either in the winter, summer, or both, then you most definitely need to call DFW Home Insulation in McKinney for an inspection. You will cause a lot of wear and tear this way, instead of allowing your HVAC to work intermittently.


Many people don’t often think of their attic unless it is usable space. After all, it does just sit there, not doing a whole lot. The only time you do think of your attic is when it demands attention, such as when you notice a leak in your ceiling.

DFW Home Insulation offers attic insulation inspections. In addition, we offer attic insulation removal services as well if you think your attic insulation needs to be replaced, or if it has been damaged in any way, say, perhaps by critters. We can install attic ventilation, garage door insulation, ceiling insulation, and all types of home or office insulation. We also offer all types of insulation to suit your needs, including fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam insulation.

If it’s been a while since you’ve even been up in your attic, it’s time you had it inspected. Call DFW Home Insulation today if you are in the McKinney or North Texas area for an inspection!

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