Attic Ventilation

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is one of the most common things within a home that homeowners often do not consider. Either because of “out of sight out of mind” or the lack of education within the home industry.  When you have a roof replaced, your contractor should meticulously inspect your home to make sure the roof is properly ventilated. If further evaluation is needed, DFW Home Insulation can provide a complete inspection.  Inadequate attic ventilation can put a strain on your roof and HVAC system and substantially shorten its lifespan.  Proper air circulation is vital due to extreme attic temperatures during the summer months and increased moisture in winter. Fluctuating conditions warp roof decking boards, while contributing to premature aging of shingles.  Attic ventilation must be properly documented at the time of roof installation to insure shingle warranty coverage. Additionally, a properly ventilated attic can reduce heating and cooling costs, while reducing the chances of mold growth.

An attic, sufficiently and correctly ventilated, will have continuous airflow from outside. Ventilation is principally governed by convection.  What is convection?   Convection is when hot air rises into the attic and escapes near the peak of the roof, through ridge vents, roof fans or gable vents.  Cooler air is pulled inside via the lowest points in the roof to fill the space vacated by the hot air.  The cooler air is often let in by soffit vents located under the eaves (or overhangs). This circulation of attic air aids in the minimization of excessive heat and moisture in the attic.

DFW Home Insulation has found, with our extensive experience and expertise, common causes of insufficient attic ventilation:

  • Soffit vents absent, or too few soffit vents to provide satisfactory air intake.
  • Obstructed soffit vents.
  • Improper installation of soffit vent baffles.
  • Interior exhaust ducts improperly venting into the attic including bathroom fans and clothes dryers.
  • No (or too few) working power ventilators.
  • Ridge vents installed with other existing attic vents.

In older homes with good attic ventilation, insulation may be the improvement needed for your home to be more efficient. It would be nice for your air conditioning to be able to keep up with your square footage on hot days. However, if you want the system to be efficient, proper ventilation will still need to be considered.

If you think you need to improve your attic ventilation, contact DFW Home Insulation at (214)775-0905. We will make sure your attic is properly ventilated and ready for the extremes of Texas weather.

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