Attic Insulation Removal

Attic Insulation Removal

As your attic insulation ages your energy bills can begin to increase.  Attic insulation removal becomes a necessary possibility when insulation ages and becomes worn out.  Are you sure your insulation is doing the job it was designed for?  When insulation ages it retains moisture and the process of settlement begins. When this occurs it becomes necessary to remove the attic insulation and replace with new modern insulation.  Attic Insulation Removal.

DFW Home Insulation has removed traditional insulation from many homes.  However, we do not recommend attempting attic insulation removal yourself.   Traditional attic insulation, or fiberglass insulation, is made up of very fine glass fibers.  These fibers can quickly embed in your skin and attach to the hair on your arms, eyebrows, and eyelashes, resulting in an uncontrollable itch.  It is a dirty, itchy, multi-person job to ensure proper completion and removal of material.  Proper protective gear must be worn long sleeves, goggles, and paper masks.

There are many reasons to remove and replace attic insulation: Rodents, insects, dusty conditions, settlement, and R-value decline.

More Attic Insulation Removal Questions?

Rising energy bills?  Maybe it’s your attic insulation?  Schedule an estimate with DFW Home Insulation at (214)775-0905.  By allowing DFW Home Insulation to inspect your attic insulation, we can diagnose your home’s deficiencies and devise a plan to improve comfort. Contact us to schedule your free quote for attic insulation removal from your home or office (214)775-0905.

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